School Transport


  • Our School buses operate on specific routes, depending on the number of students on the routes. While we try our utmost, it may not always be possible, to drop students at the door – step of their homes.

  • On finalization of the route, no changes or diversions will be entertained, and parents are requested to co-operate.

  • The transport manager may be contacted regarding any transport matter. Kindly do not discuss directly with the driver.


  • To ensure you are in the bus, please be at your designated stop a little in advance. This will enable the vehicle to reach school on time.

  • Be courteous to the staff of the bus and follow the instructions.

  • Good behavior inside the vehicle is essential, so as to create a calm atmosphere for all, especially the driver who needs to concentrate.

  • Always bear in mind that you represent your school, so treat all passersby with respect.

  • When alighting from the vehicle, ensure that you have taken all your belongings.


  • Do not talk to the driver while he is driving, it may cause an accident.

  • Do not try to board or get down from the moving vehicle, accidents could occur.

  • Do not open the door and stand while the vehicle is in motion.

  • Do not damage the vehicle in any way, not throw waste or stick

  • chewing – gum inside the vehicle.

N.B:  Parents are requested to ensure that your ward understands the transport rules and encourage them to strictly adhere to it for the smooth and safe functioning of the transport system.