Our Curriculum

Chrysalis is a thinking-centered learning program adopted by leading schools to create a learning environment that delivers quality and holistic education to suit the 21st century needs.

Chrysalis is powered by EZ Vidya, India’s premier education research and innovation organization focused on delivering quality and holistic education in Indian schools.

EZ Vidya is acknowledged as a ‘Thought Leader’ in education by regulatory bodies in the field of education such as CBSE, Ministry of Education in several states and its corporate partners like IBM, AIF, Dell and NOKIA

1.Chrysalis for Primary School

4 Facets of Thinking™ – Chrysalis makes thinking visible in classrooms with the 4 Facets of Thinking™. This gives scope for critical, creative, societal and reflective thinking in students. This enables rich and varied thinking by all students leading to enhanced learning. It also ensures that students apply learning across different contexts.

The Chrysalis Approach™ – A brain based approach to learning based on extensive desk and field research which is the backbone of every lesson in Chrysalis. The approach ensures that the child:

  • is involved in the learning process
  • is made to ‘think’
  • learns by doing
  • is continuously assessed (both formative and summative)
2.Chrysalis for Kindergarten

Chrysalis KG is a research based curriculum developed by EZ Vidya to ensure the holistic development of the child while catering to the different kind of learners. Chrysalis KG focuses on creating an emotionally-safe learning environment, thus helping them boost their confidence and self-esteem to aid maximum development.

Chrysalis KG Curriculum:

Catering to Multiple Intelligences:

All the methodologies are mapped to the Multiple Intelligence Theory where each experience will appeal to different intelligences, thus addressing the varied interests and abilities of the whole group, small group or even individual children.

3.Chrysalis TABlab – Providing Digital Thinkrooms experience for our students

Through Chrysalis TABlab, we are pioneers in deployment of tablet in classrooms. Chrysalis TABlab is completely integrated with the Chrysalis curriculum, student and teacher materials, thus enhancing the learning experience! Our students and teachers benefit immensely through Chrysalis TABlab implementation:


  • Zero preparation time
  • Manage individual student activity on the tablet
  • Administer Digital assessments and formative assessments
  • Promote students collaboration
  • Useful resource to facilitate parents – teachers meeting


  • Hands on experience on Thinkmate®
  • Take Digital Assessments
  • Personalized Digital portfolio
  • Access to digital content at Home
  • Interactive digital curriculum